We are a gathering of multi skilled, efficient, craftsmen capable of working with various ceramic bodies and techniques to bring your ideas to life. We work with designers, manufacturers, innovators and artists from concept realization and all the way to retail shelf.

We offer a stable, high quality platform to design, sample, manufacture, package (Gift or Transit) and ship your creations right to your doorstep.


“To be the most preferred handmade ceramics manufacturer in the world with a focus on creativity, quality, consistency and the environment through innovation, while keeping the stakeholders interests at heart.”


Midaya Ceramic Company is a design studio/factory catering to ceramic manufacturers and designers, all over the world. We produce a large range of high-quality ceramics for a number of international clients. Established in 1968, we have nearly half a decade of experience and expertise in the industry and is equipped with our own in-house crushing plant, slip house, mould making department, laboratory, design studio and packaging plant. Midaya is 100% family owned and operated.

Our laboratory produces a wide range of fritted and raw glazes, engobes and colour stains. At our design studio, concept designs or simple sketches are transformed into sculpts and later into sample moulds. Midaya is one of the few companies in South East Asia that produce multiple ceramic bodies at the same time. We work simultaneously with Earthenware, Stoneware, Terracotta, Porcelain and color stained bodies.

Most products at Midaya are hand painted, making each piece unique. Our competitive edge lies our readiness to go the extra mile to meet client expectations and needs, as well as deliver goods on time. We cater to an up-market niche. We are adept at understanding client requirements and also have the ability to act as a catalyst for designers and entrepreneurs by providing them a strong platform to manufacture their own ranges.