We are a gathering of multi skilled, efficient, craftsmen capable of working with various ceramic bodies and techniques to bring your ideas to life. We work with designers, manufacturers, innovators and artists from concept realization and all the way to retail shelf.

We offer a stable, high quality platform to design, sample, manufacture, package (Gift or Transit) and ship your creations right to your doorstep.


“To be the most preferred handmade ceramics manufacturer in the world with a focus on creativity, quality, consistency and the environment through innovation, while keeping the stakeholders interests at heart.”


There is a very calm, methodical attitude to each stage of development. A discussion with key people in each area of the process so that at every stage the product is entirely known and a keen eye for the detail and quality so that on completion of the product any problems, or glitches have been discussed and sorted whether in the development, mould stage or glazing. It has been a very reassuring and thorough experience where ‘one feels that one is understood and that any queries are voiced at each stage Leaving one feeling that the end result will be the design one wanted.

Miranda Miranda Berrow


Midaya has proven to be flexible and innovative. We gave them very unique challenges on two key projects and they delivered! Their quality is superior and their attention to detail is impressive. We went through several iterations during development and reached production phase in a short amount of time effortlessly. Most importantly the products they created for us are very good sellers.

Miranda Tom Kull | Senior Foodservice Product Manager – Libbey USA


Midaya are an extremely capable factory who are able to work with a wide range of techniques and processes – they are also happy to try new techniques which opens up many opportunities. The quality of work is fantastic, as are their ethical values, and we never have any quality issues whatsoever.

We have been working with Midaya for for more than 10 years, supplying the UK’s largest Dept Store, and many other leading UK stores during this time. The high quality at Midaya leads to high sales with our customers, but the thing we like best is the quality of the products. These are truly hand made products – although made in a factory environment, every stage is carried out by hand, from sculpting new moulds for bespoke ranges, to glazing, hand painting etc.

Miranda Martin Clark | Director – BC Pottery Ltd.

Herdy creates unique, lovable giftware, homeware and accessories that spread smiles and happiness. Collaborating with good supply chain partners is key to delivering this mission. Midaya is one such manufacturer. Good service and great attention to detail.

Miranda Spencer Hannah. Co-Founder Director.